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SteelSeries QcK Edge - XL

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รหัสสินค้า: SS-63824
ยี่ห้อ : Steelseries

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BTH 1,290.00



Specification Detail

Material : Micro-woven cloth
Available Sizes : XL
Thickness : 2mm
Stitched Edges : Yes
Durable & Washable : Yes

Never-Fray Stitched Edges

Stitching along the edges of the surface ensure it will never fray or peel.

Pinpoint Mouse Accuracy

Tested by the top mouse sensor manufacturer, the high thread count and smooth surface optimizes mouse tracking accuracy for both optical and laser sensors.

Never-Slip Base

The durable, non-slip rubber base is designed to eliminate unwanted movement and provide a solid platform for competitive gaming.

QcK Edge Series

    Featuring the same legendary micro-woven cloth surface as the QcK, the QcK Edge Series offers extra durability from peeling and fraying thanks to stitched edges.